How do I find a London Escort?

How do you go about finding a London Escort? Where do I go to find a London courtesan? Which directories should I use, which escort agency is the best agency to choose from? To answer this, you will have to consider the type of meeting you expect with the escort. Is this going to be a quick meeting with an escort for a 20 minuteincall, or at the other extreme will the meeting be a long dinner date with the theatre or other entertainment thrown in. How you go about searching for a London escort will depend very much on the type of liaison you need? Let’s throw in another variable, do you want this to be a longer lasting affair, one that potentially could last for several years?

Finding a long-term relationship with a London Escort

Let’s start with the last option, the longer lasting affair. My immediate thought on booking a paramour for potentially many liaisons is this; the companion should be an independent escort, a courtesan who will be around for many years. This type of partner should have similar interests to you, should be good at conversation, intelligent and someone who you get on well with.

You will have to research this hard, using directories such as Select An Escort a London escort directory to select courtesans who have their own websites. I would be looking for the words high class, courtesan, dinner dates, romantic weekends. I would be looking for well written text and a list of adventures and life style that you find enjoyable. So, now after looking though her website you are sure you have found your soul mate. Contact her by the means she recommends on her website, say a little about yourself and what you are looking for. You will at some stage get to talk to her. Discuss what you are looking for, if this ticks her boxes, and what she says, ticks your boxes, then book her time. This first date should be a shorter one, a trial, maybe an hour maybe a dinner date.

After the date, was is good for you as well as her? Yes, then you can go to the next stage and book her for longer periods, maybe even a weekend away somewhere. Start slowly and build up a relationship and you will enjoy a long lasting relationship with this courtesan. Of course, every meeting doesn’t have to be long. Maybe you are visiting London for a business meeting and have an hour to spare, you will still be welcome for some hot sex by your long-term escort. She will prioritise you over other clients when this type of situation occurs.

Looking for adventurous but short term liaisons

When you are looking for an hour incall, or outcall to your hotel, with no desire for a longer-term relationship, then you can look to both independents and agency escorts. Getting the choice wrong is not such a big deal, don’t get me wrong you should be checking that the escort provides the services you desire. As with all bookings of escorts, check the write up of the escort, independent or escort agency. If an independent, then contact her and discuss your requirements. If you reach an agreement, then book her.

With an agency escort, its all a bit harder. The agency probably has written the text, you won’t get to speak with the escort beforehand. With an agency it is more important to select best escort agency who is reputable, who does not use fake photographs and does not exaggerate the London escort charms. Yes, selecting a reputable agency is a must.