It is Not Easy to Escape from Escort Industry: – MYTH

Living in London is one of the most exceptional experiences that one can have. There is so much to do, so much to explore and so much to enjoy in this great city that one can never have enough of it. One of the fascinating aspects about London is the services offered by escorts girls.

We are talking about high-class London escorts, who are real beauties and can give even some supermodels a run for their money. These are incredibly gorgeous ladies who have chosen this profession because they like the lifestyle, meeting new people, traveling to new places, attending high society events and earning a handsome amount of money along with the various perks associated with the profession.

Due to lack of knowledge among many people, escort profession is mixed with prostitution, but in reality, these professions can’t be more different. While prostitution is all about soliciting sexual favors, escorting is more about offering companionship. There are some common myths that people generally have about escorts and escorting as a profession, which is not true. One of the biggest myths is that it is not possible for escorts to leave this profession and industry.

  • It cannot be more untrue. There is no bounding on the lady working as an elite London escort to work for x number of years. It is entirely up to her will if she wants to continue and for how long she wants to continue. Most of the girls leave the profession easily after they have earned enough money that they required.

  • Most of the Central London Escort girls working as escorts are either pursuing their studies or looking for another job and use this opportunity to make some additional cash. It’s not as if there is someone forcing her to do anything, it is entirely up to her what she wants to do and for how long she wants to continue doing it.

  • It is just like any usual freelancing industry; one can work according to their convenience and timings and work with clients they feel comfortable with. They can continue working as and when you want, then take a break for as long as they want and then either leave the industry or re-join it, it is entirely up to one’s wishes.

  • Moreover, the appointment is made for companionship only,e. for a dinner date, for an event or a corporate retreat, when one needs a plus one to go along. There is no pressure on the escort to solicit sexual favors; it is entirely up to her discretion how far she wants to go. If she feels uncomfortable, she can leave according to her wishes.

  • Most of the clients are middle age, married men who are professionally well established, so they are thorough gentlemen and treat the lady nicely. There is no foundation on the girl if she wants to accompany a particular client or not, she can say no anytime.

  • It is entirely up to the girl if she wants to work as an independent escort or with an agency. As an independent escort, she is free to choose her work hours and can take an off any day she feels like. Working with an escort agency requires a bit of commitment but offers various benefits as well.

It is evident from the above analysis that the escort profession has not many boundations. The girls are free to leave the industry as and when they want and can re-join it also as and when they want.