Bizarre Ocean Information

The sperm whale can dive and hold its breath to a depth of almost ten thousand feet or three thousand metres. Let me put that into context for you by pointing out that the record for a human diver with incredibly complex, advanced and expensive equipment is a pitiful thousand feet or three hundred metres. But please do not ask me to replicate it for you. Incidentally, if the human divers suit failed at that depth, their body would be crushed to the size of a fuel can by the water pressure. But whales have evolved to dive ten times further.

I know that lots of people have fantasy about shagging in the water. Swimming pools, jacuzzis, rivers, lakes, what the Americans call swimming holes, but mainly the sea. It seems to be a primordial urge to get naked and rut on the beach or in the sea, especially when Brits are away on holiday in XXX and drunk. But I digress. But if you are a guy on your own and you fancy a bit of surf sex with the sexiest escort Marbella has to offer there is one problem to be aware of, which is that water and especially salt water washes away both natural and water soluble man made lubricants. So make sure you tell the escort agency receptionist what you are planning so that the young lady can bring some silicone based lube.

There are underwater forests out there as a result of land being reclaimed by the sea. Intrepid loggers go and fell these water logged trees because the wood is sought by craftsmen since the timber has been preserved so well by the cold sea water.

The longest mountain range is the Mid Oceanic Ridge. It spans thirty five thousand miles from the Atlantic to the Pacific and Indian Oceans.

The highest mountain on planet earth is not Everest. That is just the highest above sea level. The highest mountain on earth is called Mauna Kea. The peak of it is an island in the Pacific Ocean. Measured from the sea bed to the top of the island, it is over ten thousand metres tall as opposed to eight thousand eight hundred and fifty metres for Mount Everest. The peak of Mauna Kea stands a still impressive four thousand two hundred and five metres above sea level.

There are more artefacts and remains in the oceans than there are in museums. When you consider the number and diversity of shipwrecks, plane crashes and all the rest it makes perfect if slightly scary sense.