Here Are Some Useless Facts

A dragon fly has a lifespan of twenty four hours. The epitome of live fast, die young and leave a good looking corpse I guess.


The female orgasm releases enormous quantities of endorphins, which produce enormous pleasure and are powerful pain relievers. No wonder that the average woman who escorts Madrid men and has sex professionally is so smiley and sleepy lots of the time. And for you amateur females, no more using a bad headache as an excuse not to have sex, girls! Just make sure that your lover makes sure you get there before they do and then you can enjoy the performance pain free.

Here Are Some Useless Facts
Apples are more efficient tha caffeine for waking you up in the morning.

About twenty five per cent of the population sneezes when they are suddenly exposed to light.

The singer Cher originally had the family name of Sarkissian. She changed it because nobody could work out how to say it. Of course, this was in the days before Schwarzenegger and Kardassian of course.

Bananas – other wise known as penis fruit – grow pointing upwards. Which makes them more penis like I guess.

The barnacles that are found on the underneath of ships are not plants as most people think. They are actually animals.

Horribly, there is a man called Charles Osborne. That is not the horrifying thing. The horrifying thing is that he has had hiccups for sixty nine years.

Snails can sleep for three years at a time. Much some friends of mine.

Saudi Arabian women can get divorced if their husband does not give them the coffe that they want.

Cauliflower and broccoli were derived from cabbage as a result of selective breeding. Which given the total lack of similarity is staggering really.

By the time a person is seventy they will have lost over half of their taste buds. So yes, lots of pensioners are tasteless.

Male elephants have the biggest penis on earth. It weighs in at nearly sixty pounds. Hello big boy. Ouch.

At the Queen Victorias Great Exhibition in eighteen fifty one the Crystal Palace was sheethed in 57.7 square miles of glass.

A Czech flight attendant was working on a normal day. And then she fell thirty three thousand three hundred and sixteen feet to the ground. And lived.

Blue whales are able to produce sounds which are over a hundred and eighty five decibels. That is almost twice as loud as a Boeing 747 as it is taking off.